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Mapu Restaurant, is located at 9 Mapu Street, Tel Aviv (Prima City Hotel).  The restaurant offers an urban, Mediterranean experience that is both creative and cheerful.  The best way to describe it is Fun + Fine Dining.  At Mapu Restaurant, which was established out of great love for food and people, you can enjoy an abundance of culinary experiences of all kinds – from sea and dry land.  Our well known and popular Chef has worked hard to prepare a tasty Kosher menu, full of joy and inspiration, which is expressed in every mouthful.  Each and every dish on the menu is made of fresh, carefully chosen ingredients, and there is a wide choice of wines and cocktails to complete the meal.  An integral part of the experience is the design, lighting and pleasant music, plus a beautifully kept green outdoor space, and the typically Tel Aviv energy, that surrounds diners on all sides and stimulates all the senses.  The restaurant can host events of all kinds, private and business, for up to 50 diners.  There is also a private room.  Mapu Restaurant welcomes vegetarians, vegans, the lactose intolerant, Kashrut observers and everyone J.  The restaurant is open Sunday to Thursday from 18:00 until the last diner leaves.  It is recommended to call and reserve places.

Address: Mapu 9, Tel Aviv
Phone: 053-5494941
Opening Hours:
Private room
Handicapped Access
Smoking area

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Address: Mapu 9, Tel Aviv
Connecting number
Phone: 053-5494941
phone: 03-5246253